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 Clan roster

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PostSubject: Clan roster   Clan roster Icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2014 4:48 am

Clan roster S4rAJy

• Roster

    • MrHax (GMT+7)
    • kmaj (GMT+1)
    • PABH (GMT+1)
    • |Morrowind|

    • Shojump (GMT+1)
    • Roulette (GMT)
    • Sennar (GMT+1)

    • bonjovirules (GMT+10)
    • Nanachi (GMT)
    • Lloyd (GMT+1)
    • Freedom (GMT+1)
    • Belugar (GMT+1)
    • Lelue (GMT+1)
    • Ozone (GMT-7)
    • CommieBuffalo (GMT-4)
    • Baumrinde24 (GMT+1)
    • Lastman (GMT+10)
    • Natertater (GMT-5)
    • Lsin (GMT-6)
    • Kodiak (Honorary Member)
    • fLaMeShOt (Honorary Member)
    • topo (Honorary Member)
    • gen (Honorary Member)

    • Henper (GMT-8)

    • Tarkanos (GMT-5)
    • Mika (GMT-5)

• Rank descriptions

    Recruits: A test period to see whether we should accept you as a full member or not. At this rank, you should meet us on forums or IRC, being as active as possible.

    Members: Those who fit and have been fully accepted into the clan.

    Lieutenants: Those who are specially useful and contributive to the clan.

    Leaders: The base of the clan.

• Promotions

You can get promoted by:
    - Being cool.
    - Being useful.
    - Being active.
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Clan roster
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