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 Clan rules

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PostSubject: Clan rules   Clan rules Icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2014 4:49 am

• Rules

To be active
If you do not communicate with us on a regular basis using the forum or our IRC channel, you might be kicked. If you are going on vacation or won't be available for some other reason, just tell us beforehand here and you'll be moved to the inactive list.

To not be a moron
The following actions will result either in a warning or an inmediate and irreversible booting from the clan:
    - Abusing powers given to you in FF: (Warning and demotion) Depending on FF member's accomplishments, they may gain administrator powers on our official server or IRC channel. The slightest abuse of power (kicking someone because you don't like them, ignoring new recruits for random reasons, etc) is a big deal.

    - Causing drama: (Warning/kick, depending on the situation) We don't want any problems between members, if we catch you causing trouble, you're out.

    - Being immature: (Warning/kick) Learn when to have fun and when to be serious.

    - Joining multiple clans without asking: (Kick) If you want to apply for another clan without leaving FF, tell us.

    - Cheating in a public game: (Kick) Messing around on your own server is one thing, but if you are ever caught using hacks in an actual game, you'll be booted.

You'll be kicked if you accumulate two warnings.

Last thing: Remember, we've got our eyes on you! Don't do anything stupid.
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Clan rules
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